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Mérieux NutriSciences offers testing, auditing, consulting, training, and research services to meet the needs of manufacturers, food processors, caterers and retailers. The company is headquartered in Chicago. A subsidiary of Institut Mérieux, Mérieux NutriSciences employs close to 7500 employees in 26 countries. With an international network of over 45 laboratories in about 20 countries, Silliker is the historical pillar of Mérieux NutriSciences. Silliker is dedicated to helping companies worldwide find practical solutions to today's food safety and quality challenges throughout the supply chain.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Silliker is a company that expects you to work 10+ hours a day (You will also work weekends) for hardly any money. You will be punished if you voice your opinion or try to make any changes. It is a microbiology laboratory that is under the leadership of a director that knows nothing about microbiology, nothing about running a business, and spends more time texting family and friends than caring about the employees. They will chew you up and spit you out."


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Former Employee - Microbiologist says

"Extremely low pay, little to no raises, expected to have your life revolve around the lab so no work/life balance, schedule will change at random and you will be asked to come in on your days off, you will come in and work long hours on your feet while management sits in chairs chatting all day and mocking other employees while contributing nothing to the work load and discourage breaks even though the lab is understaffed and the work load is great, they leave at 5 and you leave whenever, usually work 10+ hours a day for a non-livable wage, management is never satisfied with the work being put forth, will ask for more even if it kills you, you are nothing more than a robot to them and if it wasn't required for them to give you a break they probably wouldn't, incredible levels of favoritism, the favorite employees work less and contribute less than others but are praised for the smallest things they do while hard working employees go unnoticed, can only be a favorite if you backstab and try to manipulate other employees for your own personal gain, management will micromanage everything going as far as to tell you the time span in which you are allowed to take your break and is very aggressive, petty, and vindictive if you disagree with anything they say whether it is logical or not, turnover rate is very high due to poor treatment of employees but clearly isn't a red flag to corporate, no room for growth or improvement Basically if you can't find a job anywhere else, working for this company at this lab can be an absolute last resort. It's nothing more than a pay check. Always want more, more more, but aren't your wage isn't going to match the level of work you do"

Former Employee - Client Services says

"No room for advancement. No compensation for helping out with other positions but not having any help with your position. Encouragement for backstabbing and belittling and providing an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. "What will the managers gripe about today?" Management telling you how you are going to do something, but not learning the position before they start barking orders. They encourage the use of emails to communicate between each other in the office for the 'paper trail' but then come back and say that they are being CC'd on too much and its clogging up their inbox and that there would have to be a different way of communicating. So when opinions were expressed, termination papers were written up for expression of opinion and creating hostility in the workplace. They don't follow the EEOC laws they don't practice anti-discrimination laws. They criticize and nitpick and micromanage without giving you a voice and if you do speak out you get final written without other notice and then they terminate you. Oh and another thing be prepared to be asked about your faith and if it is anything different than what they agree with, they will treat you differently."

Former Employee - Microbiology Lab Tech says

"I want to go to school and they told me at first I could switch to third shift so it could work out.. someone got mad and said I had to choose now and I told them ok and of course I will pick school why would I want a company that says they pay up to $5000 of tuition back but they don't accept you going back to school how does that make any sense???"

Former Employee - Lab Assistant says

"They are not friendly. They gossip. They are back staggers."


"The north american group has strong leaders, but the rest of the executive management is disastrous. The global CEO (based in France for a US company?) is only self-interested to the detriment of the total employee population. The turnover of employees at every single level is frightening and also telling."

Former Employee - Sample Receiving/Client Services Technician says

"Forget about having a life because you will literally be stuck at work all day, everyday. The amount of overtime hours per pay period is absolutely insane. Working for this company was the most stressful and hostile work environment I have ever experienced. This company hires people who are lazy, immature, and slack off, causing others to get stuck working like crazy to get things done. Management does not discipline employees who harass, are rude, or mean to others. Also, forget about learning how to do things properly. Properly training people and making sure they know what they are doing just doesn't happen here. Beware of asking questions too, because someone will probably snap at you for it because everyone is under so much pressure to get things done."


"Company does not care about workers"

Carrier Driver (Former Employee) says

"Really bad management and no Appreciation to the drivers or really anyone. The pay is bad and they can’t really do anything about it they say and one boss say to talk to the other boss because no one wants to be in control.NoneManagement, lack of training, on there time, lunch some times u get it or not."

preparatrice (Former Employee) says

"Responsables irrespectueux et déshumanisés. Environment de travail insupportable. Les employeurs sont traités comme des objets par les responsables. L'environnement de travail est horrible et les salaires sont toujours payés avec bcp de retard. C'était l'un de moment le plus stressant et triste de ma vie l'époque où je travaillais au sein de cette entreprise. J'ai témoigné des actes racistes et classistes envers les gens qui venaient réaliser la dégustation.Salaire, management, relation entre les gens"

Technicien de laboratoire (Former Employee) says

"societe americaine travail a la chaine ambiance managment des grosses industrie"

Sample-Receiving Technician (Former Employee) says

"Besides the co workers, management was horrible, benefits were horrible, environment was horrible, pay was horrible. People had strokes and heart attacks and they were asked when they were coming back to work the same day.Co-workers are amazing people.Management, pay, benefits, work name it."

Microbiologist (Former Employee) says

"It's sad that new Biology graduates only have this option to start their careers with around this area. It's really the starting point in every science graduates career and it's horrifying. Take my advice and don't waste your time applying to this pathetic, unprofessional company unless you're desperate for the 11.50 and hour cash."

microbiologist (Former Employee) says

"This is a company that expects you to work 10+ hours a day (You will also work weekends) for hardly any money. You will be punished if you voice your opinion or try to make any changes. It is a microbiology laboratory that is under the leadership of a director that knows nothing about microbiology, nothing about running a business and spends more time texting family and friends than caring about the employees. They will chew you up and spit you will make a few long time friends, (with the long hours your co-workers will be the only people you see) PTO and 401K start on day 61long hours, little pay, very poor leadership from director"

n/a (Current Employee) says

"management is a joke, they never keep promises and its all favoritism.. trust ME.. do not work here! unstable hours. your schedule will definitely change once every other month. we never get the appreciation that we deserve. not a stable environment"


"Supervisors and managers don’t like to work. They treat their employees poorly and force them to use paid time off hours to make up for lost hours when it’s slow. They threaten employees who have work related injuries so that they don’t get compensation or sue the company. Most employees don’t come back after the first day of work"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"The lab experience is very good. The extra mandatory overtime is back-breaking and the culture is mean spirited. I do not recommend anyone become employed here because management is not kind to you and your peers are in a clique and they gang up on you. It is impossible to work the long hours and then everyone gets angry because they are so stressed. We started at 6 am on Saturday and worked until 9:00 Friday nights. Really impossible work schedules. Some of the employees threaten you daily to get your work done and the toxic work environment is very unhealthy. Run, don't walk. People get random recognition while most employees are left wishing they even got a thank you. You get a letter that says you need to report to work earlier and work an extra 1-2 hours a day with no thank you and no say in the matter. It is a directive. You walk out demoralized every day for your hard work. Training is mean spirited and unkind. Liked the work. The culture is toxic and no one cares about you at all. Please think a long time before joining. It will crush your spirit.learning skills that are valuabletoxic culture, long bone-breaking hours, Friday work till 9 and then start at 6 on Saturdays. Unreal. No thank you's for anything."

Microbiologist (Current Employee) says

"Forced overtime is basically a given. Favoritism runs rampant. Good luck using the PTO you get without a lot of grief from management. Constant turnover puts long time employees under even more stress."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"When I got hired on they were so employee/family oriented,I guess times have changed cause at the end of my employment I was treated like a number not a person!"

Microbiology Technician/Microbiologist (Former Employee) says

"You'll learn a lot working here, but be prepared to work all hours, never have a predictable schedule, and to deal with unprofessional management."

Microbiologist (Current Employee) says

"The hours for this place is ridiculous, you will have no life and even if you get off at 8pm (that's early) you will be too tired to do anything else. The management team feels like they can speak to you in any manner and there should not be a response. They want you to be machines with little pay. It almost feels like jail or elementary school with your finger on your lips to stay quiet. And you stand the entire time without any support on a concrete floor, so that's about 10 to 12 hours everyday. It starts to take a toll on your body young or old.No advancement, poor pay, very long hours"

Microbiology Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers are out to meet quotas and do not care about there employees. The pay was disrespectful along with our 18 cent raises per year. Up to 20 cents if you were the perfect employee.AcPay, managers who had no business managing"

Senior Microbiologist (Current Employee) says

"Job does not allow a work life balance and the hours are unstable people there are fun to work with and the work is interesting"

Analista de Instrumental (Current Employee) says

"Buen ambiente de trabajo diario aprendemos algo nuevo y apoyamos a otras áreas cuando tienen mucho trabajo. Mucho apoyo entre compañeros.vales de despensa, bono de puntualidad.suspensiones"

Receiving Technician (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor did not advise details for plenty of overtime...meaning it was mandatory to stay everyday until the work was done, must work 12 -14 hours a day no breaks and 30 minute lunch , favoritism never able to get requested pays off, and co-workers and management were not very pleasant or helpful.paybad management"


"mauvaise ambiance personnelle désagréable non respectueux"

Microbiology Technician (Former Employee) says

"I never had a set end time. I never knew when my day would end and due to that i didn't get time with my family."

Technicien de laboratoire (Former Employee) says

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